Fantasy Tudor Street

Alex voysey tudorstreet with splatmaps
Alex voysey tudor street wires
Alex voysey tudor street houses1 splatmaps
Alex voysey tudor street houses 2 with splatmaps
Alex voysey tudorstreet house and gatehouse
Alex voysey substancecobbles
Substance Designer Cobblestones
Alex voysey substanceherringbone
Substance Designer Herringbone Brick Pattern - I was particularly proud of figuring out how to do this!
Alex voysey substancepavingstones
Substance Designer Paving Slabs

This was a little project I worked on outside of office hours, it was fun being able to put into practice a lot of the things I've learned from working in the industry this past year. I also taught myself Substance Designer while working on it, which was immensely useful for creating all of my tiling textures.

All renders made in Marmoset Toolbag!